psycho-educational courses

Psycho-educational activities through music

The course offers musical activities useful for basic musical training. It is aimed at strengthening poor skills and the acquisition of the necessary prerequisites for the transition from sound to sign and for the development of essential skills for writing and reading music.

Adaptation to personal characteristics makes this proposal very useful both for children with typical development and for children with special educational needs of various kinds.

Beginning with a multi-sensory and motor experience, the child is guided in the expression of his or her emotions through sound and music and in the development of his or her creative and melodic processing skills through a tactile-visual pathway leading to the gradual learning of musical notation.

  • RECIPIENTS: children from 4 years old, pre-school and school age
  • LESSONS: individual lessons of 45′ and 60′.  Weekly frequency
  • TEACHERS: Armando Rovi