Creative reading and dramatisation

Lettura creativa corso Accademia Marziali

Creative reading and dramatisation for adults

The course, dedicated to adults, is open to anyone wishing to acquire the communication skills necessary to read clearly, accurately and engagingly and to make a text lively, physical and visual with the sole help of the voice. The work will focus on progressively overcoming the difficulties arising from mispronunciation of words, dialects, uncertain and monotonous reading, and lack of expressiveness.

Beginning with practice texts for diction, we will explore the use of the body, space, and voice, exploiting the possibilities offered by reading texts seen through the code of theatre. In addition to the proposed texts, participants will be asked to choose their own texts. We will analyse them together and then read them out loud, individually or in groups, trying to identify the theatrical elements and therefore the most effective communication.

  • LESSONS: 1 lesson per week of 90’
  • RECIPIENTS: students aged 18 to 99